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strace-5.0.tar.xz 14687522019-Mar-19 03:58
strace-5.0.tar.xz.asc 8012019-Mar-19 03:58
Noteworthy changes in strace 5.0 (2019-03-19)

* Changes in behavior
  * -D option now implies -I4: by default strace ignores SIGHUP, SIGINT,
    is used.
  * Diagnostic message is no longer printed if an attempt to restart a process
    has failed with ESRCH.  (Addresses RHBZ bug #1662936.)
  * ASCII dump no longer tries to read the whole buffer at once.  As result,
    it can fail with a diagnostic message after dumping only a part.
    Amount of preceding zeroes printed for offset is now chosen in a way
    to accommodate all the digits of all the offsets being printed.

* Improvements
  * Changed the way tracees are handled: all pending tracees are now waited for
    before further processing, this improves fairness of tracee processing.
    (Addresses RHBZ bugs #478419, #526740, #851457, #1609318, #1610774,
    and maybe some others.)
  * Enhanced xlat styles support configured by -X option.
  * Enhanced decoding of bpf syscall.
  * Enhanced decoding of PTRACE_PEEKUSER and PTRACE_POKEUSER on hppa.
  * Enhanced pid formatting in strace-log-merge output.
  * Wired up kexec_file_load and rseq syscalls on aarch64, arc, metag, nios2,
    or1k, riscv, and tile architectures.
  * Updated lists of BPF_*, BTRFS_*, FAN_*, IFLA_*, KERN_*, KVM_CAP_*, NDA_*,
    NETNSA_*, NT_*, PR_*, REL_*, SECCOMP_*, SCTP_*, UDP_*, V4L2_*, and *_MAGIC
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 5.0.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed ordering of sockaddr_in6 fields.
  * Fixed strace-k test on alpha.
  * Fixed build on mips o32.
  * Fixed build on NOMMU architectures.
  * Fixed build in --with-libiberty=yes mode.
  * Fixed potential NULL dereference during printing of line continuation
    for syscalls that haven't been decoded.
  * Fixed strace-log-merge error diagnostics.


This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

* Andreas Schwab
* Baruch Siach
* DJ Delorie
* Denys Vlasenko
* Dmitry V. Levin
* Eugene Syromyatnikov
* Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
* Jeff Law
* Martin Lau
* Shankara Pailoor
* Tuan Hoang

Please refer to the CREDITS file for the full list of strace contributors.