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README-4.8.txt 24652013-Jun-03 16:24
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Noteworthy changes in release 4.8 (2013-06-03)

* Changes in behavior
  * In case of normal strace termination, when the trace output is
    redirected to a pipe, strace now closes it and waits for the pipe
    process termination before exit.

* Improvements
  * Implemented tracing using PTRACE_SEIZE API (when available).
  * Implemented more reliable PTRACE_GETREGSET-based process personality
    detection on x86-64 and x32 (when available).
  * Added -e trace=memory option for tracing memory mapping related syscalls.
  * Documented -b option.
  * Allowed exit status messages to be suppressed by giving -q option twice.
  * Added AArch64 architecture support
    (addresses Debian bug #693074 and Fedora bug #969858).
  * Added support for OpenRISC 1000, Meta, and Xtensa architectures.
  * Added tilegx personality support for Tile.
  * Enhanced support of NOMMU architectures.
  * Enhanced decoding of getdents, mmap, perf_event_open, ptrace, and
    quotactl syscalls.
  * Added new syscall entries to match Linux 3.9.
  * Regenerated the list of common ioctl names from Linux 3.9.
  * Updated the list of errno constants.
  * Updated lists of AF_*, MADV_*, MAP_*, MSG_*, MS_*, PF_*, PR_*,
    PTRACE_O_*, and TCP_* constants.
  * Implemented decoding of UBI ioctls.
  * Removed redundant "*32" ioctl names.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed ERESTARTNOINTR leaking to userspace on ancient kernels
    (addresses Fedora bug #659382).
  * Fixed kernel release string parsing
    (addresses Debian bug #702309).
  * Fixed decoding of *xattr syscalls
    (addresses Fedora bug #885233).
  * Fixed handling of files with 64-bit inode numbers by 32-bit strace
    (addresses Fedora bug #912790).
  * Fixed tracing forks on SPARC.
  * Fixed decoding of fadvise64, fallocate, ftruncate64, io_submit, pread,
    preadv, pwrite, pwritev, readahead, sigaltstack, sync_file_range, sysctl,
    and truncate64 syscalls.
  * Fixed categories of multiple syscalls on most of supported architectures.
  * Fixed decoding of non-native 32-bit personality recv[m]msg syscalls.
  * Fixed decoding of multiple 32-bit personality syscalls on x32.
  * Fixed decoding of long long syscall arguments on ARM, MIPS/o32, PowerPC,
    S390x, and Tile architectures.
  * Fixed semtimedop decoding on S390x.
  * Fixed sram_alloc decoding on Blackfin.
  * Fixed build when process_vm_readv is a stab.
  * Fixed build with older versions of libaio.h.