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NEWS for strace version 4.23

* Changes in behaviour
  * On x32 personality, 64-bit syscalls (such as readv) are now shown with "#64"
    suffix instead of "64:" prefix.  Unlike the old names, these new names
    can be used in syscall qualification expressions.
  * Changed error number output format: error numbers are consistently
    printed as "-1 ECONST (Error description)"
    for known errors and as "-1 (errno 123)" for unknown errors,
    regardless of -e raw qualification settings.  One can specify
    -X raw for displaying raw error numbers unconditionally.
  * Unfetchable addresses inside arrays are now printed as comments.
  * Obsolete IA-32 mode syscall names are no longer printed on ia64.

* Improvements
  * Implemented libdw backend for -k option, configured at build time
    using --with-libdw option.
    Whether -k option is compiled is now configured at build time
    using --enable-stacktrace option.
  * Added -X option for configuring xlat output formatting (addresses
    Debian bug #692915).
  * Added support for personality designation ("64", "32", or "x32") to syscall
    qualifications in -e trace expressions.
  * Implemented injection of syscalls with no side effects as an alternative
    to injection of an invalid syscall (-e inject=SET:syscall= expression).
  * Improved support for reproducible builds (addresses Debian bug #896016).
  * Implemented decoding of BPF_PROG_QUERY and BPF_RAW_TRACEPOINT_OPEN bpf
    syscall commands.
  * Implemented decoding of INOTIFY_IOC_SETNEXTWD and PERF_EVENT_IOC_* ioctl
    prctl syscall options.
  * Enhanced decoding of bpf, getsockopt, setsockopt, and socket syscalls.
  * Enhanced decoding of NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT and NETLINK_ROUTE protocols.
  * Enhanced decoding of *_DIAG_MEMINFO netlink attributes.
  * Enhanced decoding of BTRFS_*, FS_IOC_*, SIOCGIFHWADDR, and SIOCSIFHWADDR
    ioctl commands.
  * Enhanced decoding of AF_BLUETOOTH socket addresses.
  * Implemented decoding of io_pgetevent syscall.
  * Wired up rseq syscall.
  * Updated lists of ADJ_*, BPF_*, BPF_F_*, BPF_PROG_TYPE_*, ETH_P_*, FPE_*,
    IFF_*, IPPROTO_*, MAP_*, MS_*, MSG_*, NETLINK_*, PACKET_*, PROT_*, SCTP_*,
    V4L2_CTRL_CLASS_*, and V4L2_PIX_FMT_* constants.
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.17.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed decoding of msgtyp argument of msgrcv syscall.
  * Fixed fallback definitions for F_*, MCL_*, MSG_ZEROCOPY, SI_*,
    and SOL_SOCKET constants.
  * Fixed -e trace=%pure expression on mips.


This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

* Andre McCurdy
* Chris Lamb
* Dmitry V. Levin
* Eugene Syromyatnikov
* Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
* Harsha Sharma
* Mark Wielaard
* Masatake YAMATO
* Zhibin Li