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README-4.16.txt 16172017-Feb-14 10:11
strace-4.16.tar.xz 9666682017-Feb-14 10:11
strace-4.16.tar.xz.asc 8012017-Feb-14 10:11
Noteworthy changes in release 4.16 (2017-02-14)

* Improvements
  * Implemented syscall return value injection (-e inject=SET:retval= option).
  * Implemented signal injection (-e inject=SET:signal= option).
  * Implemented decoding of SUID_DUMP_* constants in PR_[GS]ET_DUMPABLE.
  * Implemented decoding of all SG_* ioctl commands.
  * Implemented decoding of ustat syscall.
  * Implemented decoding of BPF_OBJ_PIN, BPF_OBJ_GET, BPF_PROG_ATTACH,
    and BPF_PROG_DETACH commands of bpf syscall.
  * Enhanced decoding of sg_io_hdr and sg_io_v4 structures.
  * Enhanced decoding of get_robust_list, getrandom, io_submit, set_robust_list
  * Enhanced decoding of entities of kernel long type on x32 and mips n32 ABIs.
  * Updated lists of IP_*, IPV6_*, and LOOP_* constants.
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.10.
  * Added decoding of recently added syscalls on avr32, microblaze, ppc,
    and ppc64.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed pathmatch of oldselect syscall on 64-bit architectures.
  * Fixed decoding of mmap2 syscall on s390 when arguments are not available.
  * Fixed decoding of kexec_file_load, mprotect, pkey_mprotect, prctl, preadv*,
    and pwritev* syscalls on x32.
  * Fixed printing of string arguments of getxattr and setxattr syscalls
    when -s option is used to limit the printed string size.
  * Fixed decoding of ifconf, ifreq, and loop_info structures on non-native
  * Fixed decoding of SG_* and LOOP_* ioctl commands.
  * Fixed build on mips with musl libc.
  * Fixed cross-building of ioctlsort.
  * Applied minor formatting fixes to the manual page.