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README-4.14.txt 17132016-Oct-04 18:19
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Noteworthy changes in release 4.14 (2016-10-04)

* Changes in behavior
  * When using -p option without a command and no processes has been attached,
    strace exits with exit status 1.

* Improvements
  * Added printing of the mode argument of open and openat syscalls
    when O_TMPFILE flag is set.  (Addresses Fedora bug #1377846).
  * Enhanced -e abbrev=set, -e raw=set, and -e verbose=set.
  * Enhanced decoding of futex, keyctl, quotactl, timerfd_settime,
    and aio family syscalls.
  * Implemented fetching of the 7th subcall argument on mips o32.
  * Updated lists of BPF_*, ETH_P_*, KEXEC_ARCH_*, SCTP_*, TCP_*, and *_MAGIC
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.8.
  * Added decoding of new syscalls on sh and sh64.
  * Added RISC-V architecture support.

* Bug fixes
  * Marked io_setup and io_destroy as memory mapping related syscalls.
  * Fixed leakage of placeholder descriptors to tracees.
  * Fixed printing of mode_t, umode_t, and umask types.
  * Fixed decoding of iovec arrays without a limit on total data size.
  * Fixed decoding of fadvise64, fallocate, futex, keyctl, quotactl, readahead,
    and ipc family syscalls.
  * Fixed decoding of invalid syscalls mapped to indirect subcalls.
  * Fixed decoding of struct btrfs_ioctl_vol_args_v2 on non-native
  * Fixed decoding of PTRACE_DETACH on sparc and sparc64.
  * Fixed decoding of struct stat64 on sparc64.
  * Fixed decoding of uid and gid-related syscalls on sparc64.
  * Fixed decoding of the forth argument of semctl syscall on sparc64.
  * Fixed values of tty ioctl constants on sparc64.
  * Fixed sparc personality support on sparc64.