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README-4.13.txt 8652016-Jul-26 16:17
strace-4.13.tar.xz 8470322016-Jul-26 16:17
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Noteworthy changes in release 4.13 (2016-07-26)

* Improvements
  * Implemented a general netlink socket parser.
  * Enhanced decoding of socket addresses.
  * Enhanced decoding of cmsghdr, msghdr, and mmsghdr structures.
  * Enhanced decoding of accept, accept4, bind, getpeername, getsockname,
    ipc, recvfrom, recvmsg, recvmmsg, sendto, sendmmsg, and socketcall syscalls.
  * Updated lists of AF_*, BPF_MAP_TYPE_*, KEY_*, KEYCTL_*, RWF_*, SS_*,
    and *_MAGIC constants.
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.7.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed decoding of pid_t argument of prlimit64 syscall.
  * Fixed sign extension issues in the parser of struct rusage.
  * Fixed race condition in decoding of timeout argument of recvmmsg and
    rt_sigtimedwait syscalls.
  * Fixed build with fresh linux kernel headers.