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<Piraty> hi. is there a changelog file publicly available via http (the one that ends up in release tarballs) ?
<Piraty> which is derived from git-shortlog
<ldv> yes, it is inside tarballs available via http
<Piraty> thanks
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<Piraty> ldv: are you interested in a bug report with build fail log due to printf formatting error?
<Piraty> failure appeared in 5.6, was not in 5.5
<Piraty> i won't wait for your answer, here it is: https://termbin.com/krklh
<Piraty> only happens with a native x86_64-musl build, cross building armv{6,7}-musl, aarch64-musl works very fine
<Piraty> one pf the recent changes in types/v4l2.h i assume
<Piraty> you dropped the cast to (int64_t)
<Piraty> 7e7669ec899ed08aae89f14a543b366df9e35061
<Piraty> well, a diff on configure's output doesn't reveal anythin v4l2 related
<Piraty> x8-64-glibc https://termbin.com/tgaf
<Piraty> and no, issue in linked github is different
<Piraty> similar env though
<Piraty> --enable-mpers=no circumvents it, but that's not ideal
<Piraty> adding that cast again to v4l2.c L906 results in the same error as mentioned in the linked issue (the buildroot guys)
<ldv> it say p->value64 is int32_t, this cannot be true
<ldv> *it says
<Piraty> yeah i know
<Piraty> really strange
<Piraty> haha
<Piraty> what the heck
<Piraty> 5e5b0b3e7c47c2fb2ea0dd1f1d3e6ec9137334f3
<Piraty> build: enable compiler -Werror option by default
<Piraty> what are you thinking
<Piraty> don't do this for everyone, only for yourself.
<Piraty> no one else but you is interested in warnings being fatal and will disable it to build the thing
<ldv> strace must build without warnings in a decent environment
<ldv> if you see warnings, then either it's a bug or you are doing something unusual
<Piraty> no
<ldv> we build strace in many different environments to ensure it builds without warnings and passes tests
<Piraty> newer compilers throw more pedantic warnings about all kinds of stuff end users are not intereted in fixing for their build
<Piraty> you sure should build CI with -Wpedantic and -Werror and friends
<Piraty> but not ship release tarballs with that. build envs of downstreams is just too heterogeneous
<Piraty> remember gcc9 now complains about all kinds of misaligned formatting shit in printf, that's purely for upstream to fix and still builds fine (always did).
<Piraty> you should consider. some projects guard such strict flags by a --dev-build or sth, where you can go all wild to see what may be an issue
<Piraty> i'll shut up now
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<Piraty> about that -Werror thing ...