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<mator> ldv, redpanda is now gcc203 in 'gcc compile farm' machine list
<mator> really, apply for an account in gcc compile farm
<mator> or i'll need to lookup another ppc64 linux lpar =)
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<ldv> mator: gcc203 works for me, thanks!
<esyrd> mator: do you have any POWER9 BE (presumably, E950/E980) machines, by chance? From what I've read about POWER ISA 3.0 and available POWER9 variants, it's not clear to me if such a thing exists.
<esyrd> Okay, it seems (judging by https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/linuxonibm/liaam/liaamdistros.html ) that it's not exclusive for the scale-up chips, but rather dependant on firmware, I'm still confused.
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<mator> ldv, you could try to use it as jump host btw to reach ttip/sparc64 or use gcc202 as well
<mator> esyrd, nope, this one p8 (s822) was in storage from 2014 so i took it from there 2 years ago... we didn't brought any power servers since...
<mator> let me check with our OSUOSL power machine...
<ldv> mator: gcc202 works for me (for quite some time), thanks!
<mator> ldv, gcc202 actually runs on the same physical host, but more it is more stable, since my kernel tests (latest git master branch) are on ttip ldom
<mator> esyrd, nope, OSUOSL machine is p8 as well (8247-42L)
<esyrd> mator: okay, thanks!
<mator> i believe we would discover a lot of kernel bugs with gcc203 =)
<mator> at least sparc64 kernel is quite stable since 4.19+ kernel
<esyrd> Well, ppc64le is one of primary Debian architectures, so I wouldn't be so sure.
<esyrd> But some share of bugs is definitely waiting for you.
<esyrd> (And, well, little endian, no strict alignment, booooring)
<mator> gcc203 uptime is 1day and there's already 2 OOPSes in kernel logs
<esyrd> Nice.
<esyrd> Hm, I wonder why I don't have this module.
<mator> esyrd, which one?