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<esyrd> SteveMcIntyre: thank you very much for packaging 5.5! I wonder if you can build 5.6 at some point as well, as I'm thinking about feasibility of dropping -Z option alias (and breaking UI backwards compatibility a bit as a result). So far, strace 5.3+ hasn't made its way into majority of distros, so, yeah.
<SteveMcIntyre> esyrd: ack
<SteveMcIntyre> also need to pick up some bugs (in my copious free time!)
<SteveMcIntyre> some of our arches didn't build, for example
<esyrd> SteveMcIntyre: yep, 5.6 will also fix debian bug 240945, FWIW.
<SteveMcIntyre> awesome!
<esyrd> Yep, I've seen tht ports mostly stay at 4.26, but it should work, more or less.
<esyrd> (and 947396)
<SteveMcIntyre> ack - that was closed with the upload
<esyrd> (947396#10, to be clear)
<SteveMcIntyre> ah
<SteveMcIntyre> I've also seen what looks like some test failures with the delay test
<SteveMcIntyre> not repeatable, of course
<SteveMcIntyre> need some time to reproduce it here
<esyrd> Uh, yeah, our time'based tests don't cope well with hosts under heavy load.
<SteveMcIntyre> yeah
<esyrd> I have some ideas how to fix it, but it's unlikely to be fixed any time soon :\
<SteveMcIntyre> ack
<SteveMcIntyre> may just have to disable those for Debian package building if they cause too much hassle
<ldv> strace-DDD.test caused two build failures listed at buildd.debian.org; that test is already fixed in master
<ldv> riscv64 build failed all fault injection tests, something might be wrong with the kernel there
<SteveMcIntyre> ack
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