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<mator> ldv, i'm going to push redpanda as linux/debian ppc64 sid/unstable as one of the 'gcc compile farm' machines
<mator> i could provide you either with another ppc64 linux ldom access or you could use 'gcc compile farm' machines to test strace on
<mator> what do you prefer actually ? thanks
<ldv> To be honest, I have never used 'gcc compile farm' machines yet.
<ldv> How do people use them?
<ldv> mator: I also use redpanda as a jump host to access the sparc64 host
<jrtc27> https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net, request an account, and then you can ssh to any of the machines
<jrtc27> how they're set up varies, range of OSes
<esyrd> pchaigno: Hi, 5.6 is approaching, do you have plans on working on BPF_MAP_*_BATCH in the coming weeks, by chance?
<esyrd> (We have openat2, io_uring and prctl to do, so I would happily skip on this)
<pchaigno> esyrd: Hi, thanks for reaching out! I changed job recently and haven't had a lot of free time. I'll try to send the v3 this weekend.
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<esyrd> pchaigno: great, thank you.