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<mjw> nice
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<mjw> ldv, esyrd, did you coordinate on your strace submissions/talks for the Debugging Tools devroom? They both sound interesting. But they might overlap a bit.
<ldv> pchaigno: about half of new features I was going to present in the second talk are those you completed this year, so it would make sense if you presented them instead of me :)
<mjw> O, more talks! \o/
<ldv> mjw: :)
<ldv> we missed last year, so we have to catch up :)
<mjw> We need a bit more talks anyway, I'll sent a last call for participation later this week. Submission deadline is this weekend.
<ldv> mjw: "The fight for performance" talk should be quite different from my "new features implemented for the last two years" talk; there is a slight overlap in seccomp-bpf area, but this is going to be covered from different points of view
<mjw> OK, great, I see you both requested 30 minutes. We can make it an hour of strace :)
<mjw> obviously we will have to rename yours "the fight for new features" and them have you battle it out in a free style fight arena!
<ldv> :)
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<pchaigno> ldv: I was considering submitting a short talk on --seccomp-bpf (like how it works), but it looks like that should be well covered by the two talks
<pchaigno> what's important is people get to know and use that new option :)
<pchaigno> I can be a silent attendee this year; that's less work :p
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<ldv> pchaigno: I don't think either me or eSyr is going to explain *how* it works :)
<pchaigno> oh, ok
<pchaigno> so I could submit a bit of a shorter "under the hood" talk
<pchaigno> and we'll see if it goes through :))
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