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<zhibli> Hi, I found something strange in the DRM kernel code.
<zhibli> in linux/include/uapi/drm/drm.h, there are two flags of struct drm_syncobj_handle
<zhibli> representing the ioctl operations of handle_to_fd and fd_to_handle
<zhibli> But in the source code, the values of these two flags are the same, ie (1<<0)
<zhibli> I check the driver which employs them (linux/drivers/gpu/drm/drm_syncobj.c) but couldn't figure out why.
<zhibli> Or is this a typo?
<zhibli> I'm not sure if this was intended because the functionality is not broken since they are used in two separate ioctls
<ldv> exactly
<ldv> the scope of these constants are particular ioctls
<ldv> they just happen to have the same numeric value
<ldv> there are a lot of constants in the kernel that have the same value
<zhibli> OK I see. And then how strace handle this using printxval or printflags? Do the flags have to go into separate files?
<ldv> yes
<zhibli> OK will do. Thanks
<mator> ldv, reverted sparc64 kernel commit, at least on kernel tag v5.3-rc3 strace futex test does not fail kernel now and util-linux.git 'make check' does not hangs machine
<mator> compiling master branch now... (+300 commits over last tag)
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<zhibli> ldv: Hi, I'm preparing to send out the patch again. Since esyr said the list of functions is not required for GNU-style changelog, I wonder if it should still be listed.
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<ldv> zhibli: the list of functions is not required