ldv changed the topic of #strace to: https://strace.io | https://strace.io/logs/ | strace 5.2 is out | strace-devel@lists.strace.io for dev discussions
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<mator> ldv, no problem... we could even provide access to sparc box for developers
<mator> they could use gcc compile farm sparc box (gcc202), debian developer machines, or even ttip as a test ldom
<cleger> hi all, I added strace support for our architecture (https://github.com/kalray/strace) and even if it seems to works, I would like to run the tests. Are all the test relevant or is there a subset which is significant for architectures ?
<ldv> All tests are relevant. Tests that are specific to certain architectures or configurations are automatically skipped outside of their domain.
<cleger> Ok thanks, is there some test runner ? Or should I run *.test ?
<ldv> Just run "make check"
<ldv> This will stop after the first failed test, though.
<ldv> Use "make -k check" to continue running as many tests as possible.
<cleger> Ok thanks
<mator> ldv, why INSTALL file in .gitignore ?
<mator> ldv, does any trivial changes accepted to strace, like readme updates? ( https://github.com/strace/strace/compare/master...mator:doc )
<ldv> mator: thanks
<ldv> INSTALL file in .gitignore since commit v4.26~90
<ldv> this file is installed by bootstrap script from dist/
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<ldv> mator: btw, README-configure is generated from maint/install.texi
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