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<ldv> mator: thanks; I see the bug now, and the minimal fix should be https://paste.debian.net/plain/1091538
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<mator> Linux ttip 5.2.0-08236-g192f0f8e9db7-dirty #1071 SMP Sun Jul 14 10:04:39 MSK 2019 sparc64 GNU/Linux
<mator> CLONE_PIDFD: pid=1322 pidfd=3
<mator> CLONE_PARENT_SETTID: pid=1321 ptid=1321
<mator> mator@ttip:~$ ./a.out
<mator> ^^ with fix applied
<pchaigno> ldv: I noticed you merged one patch of the RFC patch in master ("filter_qualify: export trace_set set")
<pchaigno> was it on purpose??
<ldv> mator: thanks
<ldv> pchaigno: yes; does it break anything?
<pchaigno> no no, I was just surprised ;)
<pchaigno> (I saw a commit missing when I did a git rebase -i master and thought I had messed something at first :) )
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