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<ldv> pchaigno: current state of my ldv/next branch includes those changes to your z-option branch I suggested in the mailing list, you might want to have a look
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<pchaigno> ldv: ah, thanks!
<pchaigno> I wasn't sure what you meant by splitting status-none.test; that clears it :)
<pchaigno> I'm not sure I understand why we need all this code in status-unfinished-threads.test though. Couldn't we use run_strace_match_diff() in the loop, while keeping the additional timeout check?
<pchaigno> hm, is that to avoid running run_prog > /dev/null in the loop?
<pchaigno> run_strace() should work in that case
<ldv> run_strace_match_diff() calls run_strace() and match_diff(), and each of them can call fail_()
<pchaigno> ah
<pchaigno> fail_ exists
<pchaigno> exits*
<pchaigno> thanks!
<ldv> fail_ exists and it exits :)
<pchaigno> :)
<pchaigno> ok, all others changes look good to me too, should I resend a v8 through the list (at least to have a trace there)?
<ldv> alternatively, we could override fail_(), but it's risky
<ldv> yes, please send a v8 to let people have a final(?) look before it's part of v5.2
<pchaigno> ok, I'll do that now
<pchaigno> when do you plan on releasing 5.2?
<ldv> as soon as it builds and passes tests on all test boxes I can reach, likely this week
<pchaigno> ok
<pchaigno> ldv: for the seccomp patchset, there's one commit from JingPiao I haven't touched. Is there a good way to indicate that in the commit message?
<ldv> pchaigno: if he is the author of that commit, that's enough
<pchaigno> But the git author doesn't appear in the patch email, right? Unless you mean the authors for the list of commits in the cover letter?
<ldv> Have you tried "git format-patch --from"?
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<pchaigno> oh, I thought that was for SMTP's From
<pchaigno> I'll do that, thanks!
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