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<canned> anyone able to shed some light on the Ostrich mascot image?
<canned> like where that came from, or why an ostrich?
<canned> the only thing I've been able to come up with in my head is that maybe it's because you can kind of say "strace" like "ostrich"
<canned> strace -> ostrace -> ostrach -> ostrich
<canned> ldv / ldv__, I don't guess you'd have any idea on that eh? totally out of curiosity, but am creating a presentation on strace for linuxfest, and it's something that I think would be interesting trivia to include
<canned> SteveMcIntyre: any chance you would have any idea? :/
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<canned> and I'm back - still trying to get to the bottom of this ostrich mystery
<ldv> try to translate ostrich to other languages
<ldv> for example, ostrich in German is der Strauß
<ldv> in many languages ostrich is phonetically close to strace
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<canned> !
<canned> thank you ldv! I think that solves the mystery :)
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