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<pchaigno> I've been getting a few XFAILs when running tests lately
<pchaigno> They don't look like they should be considered actual errors (error code and color), but when looking at the test log details, the error message does look like an error
<pchaigno> Is there any doc I've missed that explains what XFAIL tests are?
<SteveMcIntyre> pchaigno: eXpected FAIL
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<pchaigno> SteveMcIntyre: thanks! how can a test be expected to fail and still executed?
<pchaigno> I have one such case currently with strace-k; I don't even see where this failure case is defined in the test :/
<SteveMcIntyre> sorry, don't know details of that particular setup, just that's what XFAIL means
<pchaigno> ok, thanks anyway :)
<ldv> pchaigno: git grep XFAIL_TESTS
<pchaigno> ldv: thanks. I had done that but clearly read too quickly
<pchaigno> I went through the logs again and found 10eab9d ("tests: enable strace-k.test only for --with-libunwind configurations") this time
<pchaigno> I still don't understand why the test is even run if we know it's going to fail; shouldn't such tests be disabled?
<pchaigno> or would it be interesting to know if there ever succeed, despite the expected result?
<pchaigno> s/there/they/
<ldv> i think they serve two purposes
<ldv> first, they are expected to fail, so it would be odd if they suddenly succeed
<ldv> second, they are a constant reminder that some desired functionality does not work yet
<pchaigno> ok, got it
<pchaigno> thank you!
<ldv> see e.g. v4.26~49 wrt tests
<ldv> we have int_0x80.test that used to be in XFAIL_TESTS for quite some time
<pchaigno> yep I see it :)
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