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<ZhibinLi> hey, just to let you guys know that I found the cause of the question I've had a few days back
<ZhibinLi> in Patrik's patches he detects and uses libdrm first but under some circumstances (specifically travis-ci and some environments that are similar) libdrm is too old
<ZhibinLi> which means in that specific version of libdrm, there is no padding at the end of 'struct drm_mode_get_connector'.
<ZhibinLi> that's why I got a size of 0x4c
<ZhibinLi> To me it's a little bit weird that libdrm is older than the corresponding kernel headers though.
<ryoshu> hi zhibinli
<ryoshu> are you a strace dev?
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<ZhibinLi> ryoshu: Why?
<ZhibinLi> I'm actually a college student who is interested in GSoC.
<ryoshu> just waiting for my question to get answered
<ryoshu> zhibinli: what's your project that you are interested?
<ZhibinLi> well, DRM ioctl decoding or stuff related to this part
<ZhibinLi> what question did you ask?
<ryoshu> I'm a mentor for GSoC
<ryoshu> but a different project
<ryoshu> I'm looking to a NetBSD port
<ryoshu> so making it from scratch, mapping to NetBSD internals and whether there are any points how to get that merged
<ryoshu> that last part was my question
<ZhibinLi> It seems that this is related to BSD port. Sorry this is all I know, couldn't help you more
<ryoshu> it looks like this esyr is upstream and looking for help
<ryoshu> I want to port it or mentor a student that would port it
<ZhibinLi> Well mailing list might be a better way, more developers are there.
<ryoshu> for now I'm busy with valgrind port http://netbsd.org/~kamil/valgrind/vg4netbsd-2019-03-31.txt
<ryoshu> once finished I will move on to strace myself
<ryoshu> am I looking correctly that strace moved development to github now?
<ryoshu> not so long time ago it was awkward mailing list
<ryoshu> that demotivated me previously and pushed to other projects first
<ZhibinLi> No, I think development is still going on in the mailing list.
<ryoshu> ouch!
<ryoshu> at least they accept civilized way of submitting patches on gh now I think
<ryoshu> so well, now valgrind next strace
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