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<ZhibinLi> ldv: OK, I saw the patches, too. Then I wonder if the project is still considered available? Or will it just go forward with Patrik Jakobsson?
<ZhibinLi> It seems there are others drivers which need to be decoded :).
<ldv> well, other drivers are definitely available :)
<ldv> also, Patrik submitted no tests at all for his new decoders
<ldv> so there is a lot of room for coding
<ldv> The list of project ideas is just that - a list of ideas
<ZhibinLi> Yes, actually I saw his patches before he sent them and found there are still some typos and issues in this series of patches.
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<ZhibinLi> I think I can write tests for them as well as decode other drivers
<ldv> the list of ideas is not made of cast iron, you know
<ZhibinLi> I see!
<ZhibinLi> I'm already doing research and hopefully I can make an acceptable plan regarding DRM stuff (both decoder and tests) later :)
<ldv> ok
<ZhibinLi> And thanks for replying :)
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