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<jp> ldv: what version glibc?
<ldv> jp: sorry?
<jp> ldv: was in response to: "mator: strace hangs there on any operation"
<jp> or maybe i misunderstood
<ldv> jp: Debian GLIBC 2.27-2 but I don't think it matters
<ldv> it just hangs in the kernel
<jp> i asking because there was a change from open and close to open_nocancel counterparts
<jp> i was having issues myself with something that LD_PRELOAD and intercepted open
<jp> i am not sure if related, but just figured would let you know :)
<jp> my issues with something unrelated to strace
<jp> it had the same behavior though, just locking up
<ldv> jp: there is no lockup, strace just doesn't receive expected ptrace events from the kernel
<jp> ah so i did misunderstand then
<jp> sorry about that
<ldv> no problem
<mator> ldv, thanks
<mator> i'm currently (on a vacation) bisecting another kernel bug, but thanks for letting me know...
<mator> o
<ldv> mator: there are no such issues on your v215 sparc box
<ldv> so it might be yet another miscompiled ia64 kernel
<mator> first issue is later/fresh kernels (4.18) does not boot
<mator> let me track it first, then we will see what we could do with kernel and strace on ia64
<ldv> okay
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