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<zhibli> hi, guys. I noticed there are a few changes regarding net.c and I'm trying to catch up.
<zhibli> function print_tpacket_stats is not yet covered and operations of AF_PACKET requires CAP_NET_RAW capability.
<zhibli> I see that unprivileged user can't not do those operations so I wonder if it's OK to use injection here?
<zhibli> I tried and it seems ok but I'm not so sure if there are other concerns.
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<zhibli> BTW, last time I asked ldv about umoven in print_get_linger. I found that using successful injection can skip syserror(tcp) in SYS_FUNC(getsockopt) so it's able to fail in such a scenario.
<zhibli> Though it's not significant
<ldv> I think it's OK to use injection to test decoding of privileged operations
<zhibli> Got it
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