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<zhibli> hi, ldv, since you said "this explicit cast to (void *) is redundant"
<zhibli> Then how could I erase the warnings "makes pointer from integer without a cast"
<zhibli> seems gcc wouldn't allow this to pass because "all warnings being treated as errors". It's a gcc option right?
<zhibli> Oh, this is in the patch I've sent, the fcntl-related one
<ldv> well, if it's an integer, then the cast is not redundant
<zhibli> yes, it is.
<ldv> I probably thought it's a pointer. If it's an integer, then the cast is OK
<zhibli> Ok I see
<zhibli> BTW, in the other patch "check decoding of successful quotactl", addr_cb_arg is being cleared but this operation seems not so explicit.
<zhibli> I replied an email to the list but I don't know what I thought was correct or not.
<zhibli> If you've got spare time, please take a look at that, thanks.
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<zhibli> Hi, ldv, I noticed that part of OBS build failed, "F_GETPIPE_SZ" undeclared.
<zhibli> I found that it was introduced since Linux 2.6.35. My question is that are there any good way to know when or which flags should be used with #ifdef ... #endif?
<zhibli> Or just check all the flags before I use them?
* zhibli should test more before re-sending a v4 patch
<zhibli> BTW, I maually run the test-suite on both my laptop (kernel-4.17.2-100.fc27.x86_64) and desktop (kernel-4.17.3-100.fc27.x86_64) and they all failed. Is this a known issue or it's just my problem?
<zhibli> before I update from official build kernel-4.16 to 4.17 it's all good and ubuntu 4.18, too.
<ldv> zhibli: this is a known problem, see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1599957
<ldv> wrt constants, when they come from kernel headers, you can find out whether they are old enough using git blame
<ldv> zhibli: F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC was introduced by linux commit v2.6.24-rc1~586, also needs ifdef
<zhibli> OK I see, I will update the patch later.
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