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<zhibli> stram: I noticed that "strace -V" shows "version UNKNOWN" on ubuntu 18.04, too.
<zhibli> Just try dpkg -l | grep strace
<zhibli> And you can get 4.21-1ubuntu1
<zhibli> I don't know why -V is not working, though
<zhibli> Oh, I didn't see those logs. Now I get it, thanks :)
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<milloni> morning/afternoon/evening
<milloni> is there a command switch to print strace version?
<milloni> thank you~
<milloni> !
<milloni> when does "PANIC: handle_group_exit: %d leader %d\n", happen?
<milloni> i'm looking at the source code but it's not entirely clear what the purpose of this path is
<esyrd> milloni: commit v4.7~334 mentions some old kernel bugs.
<esyrd> but it looks like it's a bugy workaround for kernel bugs that are not out there for quite some time.
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