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<stram> hi, I'm running strace on an Ubuntu 18.04 system. It says "version UNKNOWN", so I went ahead and installed strace 4.23 from source. I'm still running into an issue where I don't get the expected "strace -eopen" output. Here's some example output: https://pastebin.com/j916ZtRj . I typically see strace print an "open()" command for each of the executable's dynamic libraries, as well as the file(s) that the executable opens. But in this case, I get none of that. Any ide
<ldv> stram: I haven't looked at your example output, but try "strace -e/open" instead of "strace -eopen".
<stram> tada! thanks ldv
<stram> I did -e\open, but yeah, point noted
<stram> I guess something about the argument parsing changed or whatever
<stram> "-e open" also works
<ldv> "strace -eopen" still works, but modern glibc versions call "openat" instead of "open"
<ldv> while "strace -eopen" shows just "open" syscall, "strace -e/open" shows all syscalls names containing "open" substring
<stram> ah gotcha, i figured it might also be something about glibc
<stram> i'm running a prehistoric glibc on the system where -eopen still works