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<zhibli> eSyr-ng: Ok, I googled OCFS2 and found that it is developed by oracle so I wonder if it's not that widely used in most conditions?
<zhibli> (To be honest, I've never heard about it before)
<zhibli> BTW, I've finished part of decoding check for quotactl but there are several problems (not big ones, though).
<zhibli> When it comes to tests-m32, after injecting a positive value, struct fs_quota_stat can't be fetched (got short read error) but struct fs_quota_statv is ok. I haven't figured out why.
<zhibli> Oh, for discussion I should really send an email to the list. I forget it again because I get used to IRC :P
* zhibli writing email
<eSyr-ng> zhibli: most likely there are problems with struct fs_quota_stat not bein mpersified as it contains fs_qfilestat_t that will be aligned differently on arches with 32-bit and 64-bit natural alignment.
<eSyr-ng> *not being
<zhibli> eSyr-ng: so the padding in struct fs_qfilestatv is used to avoid this alignment problem? That explains why fs_quota_statv doesn't have the same problem, considering they have a lot in common.
<zhibli> (I'll summarize the discussion here and send an email later to let others know my progress)
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