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<zhibli> hi, I'm now a little confused about the quota format.
<zhibli> In linux man page, three supported format are listed (QFMT_VFS_OLD, QFMT_VFS_V0, QFMT_VFS_V1)
<zhibli> But in the code I found one more (QFMT_OCFS2)
<zhibli> Is it because the manual is not that up-to-date? So where else can I refer to?
<zhibli> Besides, I have question about commit bd19a4d27 (ioctl_perf-success). What does the number 256 (-e inject=ioctl:retval=42:when=256+) mean and why this specific number?
<eSyr-ng> zhibli: If the man page isn't up to date, feel free to update it, https://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/contributing.html
<eSyr-ng> zhibli: 256 has been chosen arbitrary, it's assumed that libc doesn't make that much syscalls during startup. If a syscall that is not performed by libc is tested, this kludge can be freely omitted.
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