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strace-5.12.tar.xz 20090602021-Apr-26 13:54
strace-5.12.tar.xz.asc 8012021-Apr-26 13:54
Noteworthy changes in strace 5.12 (2021-04-26)

* Improvements
  * Implemented --secontext[=full] option to display SELinux contexts.
  * Implemented decoding of mount_setattr syscall introduced in Linux 5.12.
  * Updated decoding of IFLA_BRPORT_* netlink attributes to match Linux 5.12.
  * Updated lists of DEVCONF_*, IORING_*, KVM_*, MPOL_*, MTD_*, NFT_MSG_*,
    RESOLVE_*, RTM_*, ST_*, and V4L2_* constants.
  * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 5.12.

* Bug fixes
  * Fixed build using bionic libc.

* Portability
  * Added binutils 2.36 support to --enable-mpers builds.


This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

* Alyssa Ross
* Baruch Siach
* Deborah Brouwer
* Dmitry V. Levin
* Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
* Renaud Métrich
* Vineet Gupta
* наб

Please refer to the CREDITS file for the full list of strace contributors.