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Noteworthy changes in release 4.7

* Changes in behavior
  * strace no longer suspends waitpid until there is a child
    for waitpid'ing process to collect status from.
  * strace no longer detaches from a tracee which is supposed
    to be going to die.
  * strace now issues a new message: "+++ exited with EXITCODE +++"
    which shows exact moment strace got exit notification,
    analogous to existing "+++ killed by SIG +++" message.

* Improvements
  * Added x32 personality support (x86_64 architecture).
  * Added -y and -P options to print file descriptor paths and
    filter by those paths.
  * Added -I option to control strace interactivity.
  * Allowed -p option to take comma or whitespace-separated list of PIDs.
  * Added strace_log_merge script helper to merge timestamped "strace -ff"
    log files.
  * Implemented decoding of clock_adjtime, get_robust_list, migrate_pages,
    preadv, prlimit64, process_vm_readv, process_vm_writev, pwritev,
    recvmmsg, recvmsg, rt_tgsigqueueinfo, sendmmsg, setns, set_robust_list,
    sched_rr_get_interval, splice, syslog, tee and vmsplice syscalls.
  * Enhanced decoding of capget, capset, getrlimit, flistxattr, io_submit,
    listxattr, setrlimit and swapon syscalls.
  * Implemented decoding of loop and mtd ioctls.
  * Added syscall entries for new linux syscalls.
  * Added syscall entries for direct socket system calls on powerpc.
  * Updated the list of errno constants.
  * Updated lists of MSG_*, STA_*, and TCP_* constants.
  * Regenerated the list of ioctl names from Linux 3.3.
  * Enhanced switching between processes with different personalities.
  * Enhanced signals reporting by using short signal names.
  * Made ERESTART* messages more descriptive.
  * Made parsing of numbers from strings more robust.
  * Added support for compat_statfs64 and statfs64.f_flags.
  * Changed read of data blocks to use single process_vm_readv syscall
    (when available) instead of several PTRACE_PEEKDATA operations.
  * Changed read of registers on x86 and x86-64 to use single PTRACE_GETREGS
    operation instead of several PTRACE_PEEKUSER operations.
  * Applied various optimizations to make strace work faster.

* Bug fixes
  * Implemented proper handling of real SIGTRAPs on kernels supporting
    (Addresses Fedora bug #162774).
  * Fixed sockaddr_un.sun_path name in decoded output.
    (Addresses Debian bug #554946).
  * Fixed to avoid potential core file clobbering on exit.
    (Addresses Debian bug #656398).
  * Fixed a typo in documentation.
    (Addresses Debian bug #653309).
  * Fixed decoding of timer id returned by timer_create.
  * Fixed epoll_create1, epoll_wait and epoll_pwait decoding.
  * Fixed *at syscalls flags decoding.
  * Fixed ARM EABI 64-bit syscall's arguments decoding.
  * Fixed semtimedop decoding on s390.
  * Fixed osf_sigprocmask decoding on alpha.
  * Fixed ipc and socket subcall decoding on several architectures.
  * Corrected syscall entries for epoll_pwait, epoll_create, epoll_ctl,
    epoll_wait, mincore, mlockall, prctl, reboot, sendfile, sendfile64,
    sendmsg, sgetmask, ssetmask, swapon, tgkill and tkill syscalls.
  * Corrected io_* syscall entries on ARM.
  * Fixed PID prefix printing in "strace -oLOG -ff -p1 -p2 -p3" case.
  * Fixed logging of unfinished lines in "strace -oLOG -ff" case.
  * Fixed build when libaio-devel is not available.
  * Fixed configure checks for PTRACE_* constants.
  * Fixed compilation warnings remained on several architectures.

* Portability
  * Removed all non-Linux code.  After years of neglect, that dead code
    just hampered further strace development.
  * Linux kernel >= 2.6.18 is recommended.  Older versions might still
    work but they haven't been thoroughly tested with this release.